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Belize island maintenance

By Slickrock Adventures on June 10, 2015

Have you ever wondered what is involved with maintaining an island? It’s much more than you would think! When our guests arrive on our island out at Glover’s Reef, they are immediately struck by how beautiful it is, and they do see us picking up fallen palm leaves and dragging them to the dump. But I imagine they think the beaches are actually pretty clean and we are just keeping it nice with a few minutes of effort a day.

Our beach as it looks when you arrive

Our beach as it looks when you arrive

However, when we arrive in the fall in advance of the season starting, the island is a mess (we open each year in late November, after being closed for the full rainy/hurricane season, which starts in mid May). And if we had not been keeping it clean every single year since we moved out there in 1991, it would be four feet deep, or more, in debris and trash. Not only do leaves fall from the trees, but the ocean is awash in plastic, you would not BELIEVE the amount of stuff we pick up.

Here is a before and after shot of the island jogging path after our 5 month season closure, and then a week later after we cleaned it up:


Before and after island cleanup

And here is a shot of another part of the path before we cleaned it up. Every year we pick up and burn a huge amount of plastic from the sea. All glass and metal are sorted out of the plastic and taken in to the Belize City dump. Probably from there it is washed out to sea and comes back out to haunt us again!

Caribbean trash

Before island cleanup