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Surprise spotted eagle ray

By Slickrock Adventures on April 21, 2015

Maryann Izzarelli just returned from a week on our Belize island. She just wrote to me and said it was “was by far the best experience of my life” ! Wow, thanks Maryann. You know we just love to hear that.

She had a surprise encounter with a spotted eagle ray that she caught on video! What a video! She described what happened:

“I was on a lazy snorkel with a couple friends around the lagoon off the island in Belize when magic happened. Rays have always been my favorite, but I was never interested in swimming in a controlled environment, where the water was chummed, trained, etc. I was just swimming along enjoying the scenery and here out of nowhere was my unicorn. 🙂 We ended up spending about 10 minutes swimming together, I would stop or slow down and the ray would circle around and I’d swim above. I can NOT describe this experience and wish the footage was better but I just wanted to live the moment. You can’t tell but he was huge and absolutely stunning.”

spotted eagle ray

An unforgettable experience!