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New Slickrock staff photo

By Slickrock Adventures on April 22, 2015

Slickrock island staff

On our Belize island we have almost 20 people who are working in some capacity or another. It’s a challenge to get all of us in one picture; in fact it’s impossible to get everyone. Some arrive in December and leave in February, never even crossing paths with the late season crew. When I was recently down there I managed to get everyone in this staff photo during the Saturday boat turnaround, as some people were arriving on that boat and some were leaving, we had the most we could possibly get together at once. In fact in this photo we are only missing 4 people: Cully Erdman (my partner), Meg Griffiths (trip manager), Mark Hyde (lead boat captain), and Marcy Noralez (assistant cook). That’s pretty good!

Our guest John Cassidy took the picture. The format, with him looking down on all of us, was his idea too. Thanks John! I love this shot!

Here’s a list of who is in the photo:
Left to right, back row: Laura Diaz (kitesurf instructor), Kyle Erdman (intern), Magdaleno “MJ” Yacab (trip manager); Mark Hopkins (trip manager), middle row: Geno Leslie (boat captain), Carlos Guerra (island guide), Charlie Woodward (island manager), Emily Casaretto (trip manager trainee), Lavern Garcia (cook), Lucy Wallingford (Slickrock owner). Aurora Roches (head cook), front row: Neri Chi (Belize Adventure Week trip manager and guide), Apolitico Salam (island caretaker), Luis Gonzalez (island guide), Martin Ramirez (groundskeeper), Jasmine Ardeshiri (kitesurf instructor and trip manager trainee).