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157 Turtles

By Slickrock Adventures on April 2, 2015

We have many sea turtles that nest on the island every fall, and this past November we were lucky enough to be present when there was a hatch. Most hatches occur late at night so we miss them, but this nest hatched at about 8 p.m. right next to one of our cabins so we were all able to watch the baby turtles as they made their way to the sea. Peter Schulz captured the action for a video of the event. The baby turtles follow any light source since they are programmed to use the moon as a reference to guide them to the sea. So there was some confusion due to all the lights on the beach, but we made sure they all made it to the water. The next morning the Park Rangers came by and counted the hatched egg shells as part of their ongoing study of the turtle populations at the atoll. There were 157 baby turtles that hatched from that nest!