Belize kiteboarding lessons

Jasmine Ardeshiri teaching kiteboarding in Belize

belize kite lesson

Our kite instructor Jasmine recently brought her camera along on a kite lesson and was able to get some great point of view shots of what it’s like for the students. After a trainer kite session we take the new students out to the sand flats between our island and Middle Caye and hook them up to a big kite. There is a lot to learn on this first lesson with the bigger kite, mainly focusing just on how to control it and get the hang of the power control.

kitesurfing instruction belize

The instructor is hanging on to the back of the student’s harness the whole time, giving instructions, and that is how Jasmine was able to get these shots. It is an exhilarating and exciting experience to first feel the power of being hooked up to a full size kite!

kiteboarding in belize

kitesurfing lessons at glover's reef belize