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How to buy snorkel gear

By Slickrock Adventures on November 18, 2014

buy snorkel gear

I talk about Belize on the phone much of each day, and one of the things many people ask questions about is snorkel gear. This is a subject I know, so I love to talk about it. We don’t provide snorkel gear on our Belize adventure packages, you have to bring your own. Sometimes people get quite bent out of shape about this, but all I can think is that they don’t realize that rental gear is always lousy, and you can’t get it in Belize, you have to import it. In our case that means drive it 3000 miles. A good set will set you back around $200, but that same set is worth double that in Belize because of transport and duty fees. We provide all the big stuff: kayaks, paddles, boards, sails, kites, and lifejackets. But snorkel gear is small and easily lost. We have found people to be very cavalier with stuff they don’t own. You WANT to bring your own, anywhere you go. Good gear means you will enjoy your snorkel, cheap gear means you won’t enjoy it, because you will spend your entire snorkel choking on salt water or being blinded with salt water in your eyes.

So, there are lots of good options, and you can read another of my blog posts about choosing snorkeling gear which explains the qualities you are looking for. But the links below are to the best deals on specific gear I really like, mostly because it is either the same as or very close to the gear I use when I am on our island. You won’t be disappointed if you just buy this gear.

Dive skin – You absolutely want a dive skin. It will keep you warmer, un-sunburned, and un-stung by jellyfish. And this one is only $27! I bought one myself, it’s of very good quality.

Booties – Booties are essential. Foot injuries are our most common injury (next to volleyball mishaps). These are great, they are flexible but very sturdy. And they are on sale!

Fins – You want fins with a built-in weak spot, otherwise they are too stiff. These fins are THE BEST. I am on my 3rd pair. I gave my first pair away after a few years to a Belizean who needed them desperately, and my 2nd pair finally wore out after about 7 or 8 years. Love my fins. Your guide will be impressed if you show up with these fins.

Snorkel – The Impulse 2 is the best, hands down. No water in your throat. You will thank me.

Mask – I make no mask recommendation because this is the one item you should buy at a dive shop to be sure you get a good fit. OK, on second thought, what if you live far from a scuba shop? Alright, here’s a great mask, my Belizean guides always get this one, but be sure to test it in a pool before you go to make sure it fits the shape of your face. You don’t want to find out it leaks once you are there! Recommended snorkel mask.