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Belize lionfish project

By Slickrock Adventures on November 25, 2014

belize lionfish project

We have already posted several blog posts about the Lionfish invasion taking place all across the Caribbean, and what a serious threat it is to the existing coral reef ecosystems. Out where our island is located — at Glover’s Reef in Belize — we spear lionfish almost everyday, to try to help get a handle on this Caribbean crisis.

Here is yet another great story we have come across on the subject. This article has some particularly good maps of the areas affected by the increasing Lionfish infestation. The article focuses on teaching shark to eat lionfish, but article also mentions how studies have shown that the Lionfish has almost completely wiped out species of fish important to coral reef health, such as the Parrotfish. One of the interesting characteristics of the Lionfish is also its habit of not moving its home area once it finds a place it likes. Then is eats all the juvenile fish in that area and will not move, thus never allowing any juvenile fish to thrive in that zone.