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A sea of refuse

By Slickrock Adventures on October 21, 2014

ocean debris

In an earlier blog post we talked about the incredible amount of plastic trash that has been accumulating in the ocean gyres, or eddies, around the world. For the most part these huge floating islands of trash that collect in these gyres remain out of sight and out of mind in the central part of the oceans. However, much of this trash does sink, where it remains on the seabed, adversely affecting the marine ecosystems.

In yet another great article from the NY Times, a long distance swimmer who is conducting swimming expeditions in all the world’s seas and oceans describes what he has witnessed on the sea floor. Swimmers are more naturally oriented to looking down rather than observing what is on the surface, and in this piece he remarks on the many surprises he has found around the globe. It is yet another observation of our seas in crisis.