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Ode to Slickrock

By Slickrock Adventures on September 9, 2014

I spend every March and April in Belize on our island. I’ve been doing this for almost 30 years now, and of course I love the island, and the snorkeling and kayaking and all of the other sports, but really, the best part is our guests. For some reason we have the BEST people join us, and they make me laugh, and that’s such a great thing.

Last March Paul Jongerden and Brian Craig joined us from Delhi, Ontario. The week that they were there we had SO MUCH FUN. What a great group that was! After Paula got home, she wrote a poem, and emailed it to the office in Moab, who then got a printed copy sent out to me on the island. So a few weeks later, I got our staff together in the dining hall, and read them this poem that Paula had written about us. It’s hard to describe how good this made us feel. We work really hard, and when someone shows their appreciation like this, it makes it all worthwhile. So here’s the poem for all to see, and thank you Paula!!!!

(Please read to the rhythm of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”)

Twas’ the night before Long Caye,
Best Western’s new guests,
Had gathered round poolside,
At their leader’s request.

This fellow called M. J.
His smile – oh so big,
Asked all for an intro’
Before his next gig.

After breakfast together,
We all were so pumped,
To start an adventure,
On the boat we did jump.

We hung out the hatches
And caught the sea spray,
Saw dolphins and frigates,
Early on in the day.

Then off in the distance,
Where surf met the sky
Our island was nearing,
“Land – Ho! Was the cry.

With communal excitement
We spilled to the dock,
Met a lady named Lucy
To hear the first talk.

She showed us the kayaks
She gave us the scoop,
She told us the rules
About where we would poop.

With cabins assigned,
We had our first drink,
And lunch was delicious
Fish chowder, I think.

Staff intro’s that followed,
They seemed kind of shy,
An impression proved wrong
By the time of good-bye.

In very short order
To the water we went,
Breathing air from the surface
Many hours were spent.

The wildlife amazing
The colours intense,
Said M.J. the reasons –
‘Fish breeding; defense’.

The wealth of his knowledge
Relaxed was his pace,
We learned that this M.J.
– Not just a pretty face.

Luis too shared his know-how,
A hunter so keen,
Into Lion-fish marauders,
On his spear he would lean.

Beauties Jasmine and Alex,
‘Athletical’ sort,
Kite-surfing for most
– Was a spectator sport!

And Carlos – the sweetie,
Proven-Pirate – wide and far,
Made us laugh, made us echo
His enthusiastic ARRR!

Our taste buds delighted
Our bellies so full,
Aurora and Marcie,
Cooking Artists – no Bull!

Keeping things running smoothly,
Fixing stuff, filling holes,
Was Martin the dancer,
His behind-the-scene role.

Tho’ Neri we met,
Almost half the way through,
A great guy with experience,
We learned from him too.

Our watchman at night,
Awake by the moons,
Proved a fun-loving guy,
And great player of ‘Spoons’

Can-American team,
Winners true to the end,
Thanks to the speed,
Of our little hermit friend.

The friends that we met,
The fun that we had,
Leaving Long Caye for home,
Was a time that was sad.

But maybe some day,
If the stars are aligned,
We’ll meet on the corals,
And our friends we will find.

Lucy dear Lucy,
Thanks for sharing your dream,
This awesome adventure,
And your Fan-tastic Team!

(pardon any Canadian spelling – what can I say – eh?)