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NEW gluten-free island menu

By Slickrock Adventures on August 26, 2014


Our Belize island menu has long been vegetarian-friendly, but now it is also a gluten-free menu. Because we are so far from a store, and our cooks never, ever do the grocery shopping, we are unable to accommodate special diets. We simply offer a variety of choices that will work for a vegetarian who omits the meat, a gluten-free person who omits the gluten choices, and it still works for those of us who like to eat everything!

Gluten-free guests can now be assured that there is no hidden gluten in the menu. In other words, of course they won’t want to eat the biscuits, but the chicken marinade does not have gluten lurking in it.

So if you are gluten-free and have long wanted to visit us but couldn’t because of our menu, now you can!