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Our new children’s windsurfing rig

By Slickrock Adventures on May 14, 2014


I am in Belize every March and April, so I am always on the island with parents and their children. These are my favorite kind of trips, I really enjoy hanging out with kids. Everyone ends up acting just a little bit sillier, and that is a good thing. We all act so serious all of the time, but with a bunch of kids, a bunch of water toys, and a private island, everyone loosens up a little bit. It’s great!

This past April we had one wonderful week with 2 families from Quebec. One of the dads, Pascal Pelletier, brought this amazing children’s windsurfing kit with one boom, one mast, and 2 sails, one 1.0 meter and one 1.5 meter. We already had a kid’s board and a 1.8 meter sail, but his one meter was the cutest thing I ever saw! One of the boys from the other family, Thierry Lamarre, was sailing at age 7! I love this photo, his mom Veronique Maheux, is hanging onto the board, giving him instructions in French!


Pascal’s daughter Sarah is 8. Pascal had this great technique of hanging onto the board with a rope so she could uphaul the sail and get going, but then he could pull her back and she could do it again! Sarah was using the 1.5 meter.


After a bit of that, Sarah wanted to really sail, so here she is sailing away; Pascal had to then chase her down with a kayak.

I figured we just had to have those sails, so luckily Pascal agreed to sell them to me. So in the future, parents with little kids: we have 3 different sails for you!