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Our Belize Brown Booby

By Slickrock Adventures on March 18, 2014

Belize brown booby

In November of last year a Brown Booby suddenly showed up at our island and started roosting on the ground near one of our beach cabanas. We rarely see any Boobies out at Glover’s Reef since it is so far from the island these birds nest on along the barrier reef, and they are very fussy about where they live from what we understand. At first we thought it was injured because it just sat on a log for 3 days and never left to fish. We even brought some pieces of fish over to it since we initially thought it couldn’t fly. The bird was totally unafraid of us and we could approach to within 1-2 feet of it before it would hop away, but it wouldn’t fly!

It eventually did fly out to the sea to fish, but it returned every evening to roost, on the ground, which seemed unusual. We looked it up and discovered that according to its color, it was a juvenile Brown Booby. It must have been blown out to the island by a storm, because Boobies always nest in huge colonies and like to stay together in large groups. Anyhow, we have adopted this young Brown Booby and it has continued to live on the island and roost every night on the ground on the windward side of the island. It is still quite unafraid of people and we all walk right up to it to take pictures and observe it just hanging out on the rocks!