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Snorkel gear discounts on Slickrock’s Colorado Kayak page

By Slickrock Adventures on October 21, 2013

Colorado Kayak created a list of snorkel gear specifically for our customers to find essential items on our “what to bring” list. If you have registered for a trip with Slickrock Adventures you qualify for a 10% discount on hydroskin, wetshoes and more. Just enter “slicktrip14″ when you checkout on Colorado Kayak Supply and you’ll receive the special offer. Others can use the promo code as well.

good snorkel gear is essential

Snorkeling in crystal clear water that is 80 degrees warm seems like it would require nothing more than a swim suit, mask and snorkel. But there are several reasons why it is essential to arrive at your tropical vacation destination with a full compliment of high quality snorkel gear.

Snorkel gear for sun exposure

Stronger sunlight, reflections from the water, amazing water activites – if you were looking for a recipe to produce sun burn, this would be a trifecta! So we strongly encourage all our guests to take special care choosing the best sun, swim and snorkel gear. It could mean the difference between comfortable days exploring a unique and exciting environment versus “holing up” in the shade due to too much sun.

Snorkel gear for protection from abrasion

wetshoe snorkel gearCoral, when ground up into tiny pieces and smoothed by the pounding of the sea, makes the perfect sandy beach. Ideal for the casual barefoot stroll. But mixed with the sand are sharp bits of broken shell that can hurt if stepped on. Consequently, most visitors to Adventure Island wear sandals, at a minimum, even just walking the beach or grounds of the eco-resort.

And when you enter the water, the hazards to bare feet increase. Live coral can be sharp, and given the pristine quality and health of Glover’s Reef, it is also abundant. So wetshoes are probably the second-most important item on the snorkel gear checklist.

Other snorkel gear items that are great for a full week in the water

headlamp snorkel gearOnce you’re out at Long Caye, you’ll probably want to do a night dive. Some of the marine life can only be seen at night, and other species have different behavior patterns, such as feeding, that can only be seen at night. It might not seem essential, but a waterproof headlamp will be very welcome on Adventure Island. Other snorkel gear items that are very useful include a personal accessory case, a pair of diving gloves, and a waterproof camera. All of these and more can be purchased on our list of snorkel gear at Colorado Kayak.