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Kitesurfing Information Sources

By Slickrock Adventures on October 16, 2013

A quick and easy guide to the best online sources about the sport of kitesurfing, kiteboarding, kite boarding, kite skiing or whatever you call the sport.

Kitesurfing News Sites

kitemovementKiteMovement : the Kitesurf News Center

Global in scope but with no long articles, only snippets. Still, what they lack in depth they make up for in timeliness. They seem to post one or two blurbs each day and spread them between five different sections: Cable and Wake, General, Competitions, Gear and Videos.

surfertodaySurferToday Kiteboarding Section

High end surfing site with sections on windsurfing, wakeboarding and kiteboarding, the focus seems to be on competions, but lots of news about locations and gear as well.

kiteboarding newsSBCKiteboard Newswire

Snowboard Canada’s Kiteboarding news site seems to have a lots of news about competition and events.


Kitesurfing Entertainment

kitesurfing youtube

YouTube Channel: “Kitesurfing

For a broad selection of kiteboarding videos, from beginner to expert, this is great place to start.



CaptureMPORA Kitesurfing Videos

MPORA – The sports media mega corp – has an extensive collection of user-submitted videos of good quality.


Kitesurfing Gear

kitesurfing gear Best Kiteboarding

In their own words: “Best Kiteboarding was launched in 2003, driven by our love for kiteboarding. Our desire is to create the best possible gear for every rider in the world. From day one we have remained 100 % committed to delivering absolute customer satisfaction.”

kitesurfing gear kiteline

Kite Line

Kite Line is a dedicated kiteboarding shop that was established in 1999 in the town of Bend, Oregon.