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Summer Camp For Grown Ups – During the Winter!

By Slickrock Adventures on September 30, 2013

“Summer camp for grown ups” — you may have heard the phrase being tossed around this past year. Apparently, there’s a new trend or meme or catch phrase making the rounds.

Here at Slickrock, we think it’s about time, because for years, that’s exactly how we’ve always described Adventure Island. It’s a unique blend of off-the-grid “five-star-camping” accommodations combined with round-the-clock access to 10 water sports available right at your doorstep. When asked, we’ve always told folks “It’s like summer camp for grown ups.”

Adventure Island is like summer camp for grown ups

Well, apparently, great minds think alike.

“Summer Camp For Grown Ups” Becomes A Meme

Time Magazine published an article June 03 titled “Summer Camp For Grown Ups” but really it was more about “Glamping” — that is, staying in a tent, yurt or treehouse but with butlers, electricity and luxury hotel-style amenities.

On July 5, The New York Times hopped on board the Summer Camp for Grown Ups meme train with an article titled “A Trip to Camp to Break a Tech Addiction” that focused on a company whose main purpose is trying to help the wired generation take a break from the digital grind. The company is Digital Detox, an Oakland-based group dedicated to teaching technology-addled (or technology-addicted) people to, in the words of its literature, “disconnect to reconnect.” The big thing at the camp is that all participants leave their smart phones and computers at home. Rules are strictly enforced. Oh, yeah, plus campers are not allowed to use their real names.

We are perfectly happy if our guests use made-up names. But that’s up to them. And, as to tech gadgets, we don’t have cell service or WiFi available on the island and we feel that’s just one of the many perks of having an off-the-grid eco-resort. But it also means we don’t have to enforce rules about leaving gadgets behind. They sort of enforce themselves.

The real measure of a meme is, of course, Google. Searching on that phrase and limiting results to “exact matches” I got 75,000 different mentions. But that may be more a measure of how copy-cat-ish our media industry is. Once Time and The New York Times feature a new catch phrase, everybody’s got to do it. Perhaps a better measure of the trend is how many people actually searched for a “summer camp for grown ups” in the search engine. As of June it was 110/month. If more recent data were available I suspect this would be even higher.

Summer Camp For Grown Ups – During Your Winter!

Of course, the main difference between what we have on Adventure Island and the summer camp for grown ups mentioned by the New York Times and Time Magazine is that our season runs November through April. Even though weather wise it is very much “summer camp,” the added bonus is that our “summer” camp happens during your winter! It’s even better than summer camp for grown ups. It’s summer camp for grown ups in the middle of winter!