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Belize Travel

By Slickrock Adventures on September 2, 2013

Is this you right now?

  1. I want to go to Belize.
  2. I’ve never been to Belize before.
  3. I don’t want to read four Belize travel books or spend a week on the web hunting through Belize travel websites before I finally create a travel plan.

If that’s you, then this article should help.

belize travel with slickrock adventures long caye, belize

We are Slickrock Adventures and we love Belize and everything about Belize travel. Granted, we think our tiny private island eco-resort (pictured above) is the ultimate Belize travel idea. But we know it isn’t for everyone. We like to describe it as “five star camping” and our guests say it is the perfect combination of simplified comfort. Still, we also know some people are looking for more luxurious accommodations. With that said, we offer you the following vacation planning guide for those contemplating Belize travel.

Best Destinations for Short Belize Travel Itineraries:

caye caulker belizeCaye Caulker (Photo by Marc Veraart)Those with only a few days in country should check out:- Black Orchid
– Caye Caulker
– Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary and Bird’s Eye View Lodge

Hotels to serve as your Belize travel basecamp for longer stays:

Cayo (San Ignacio):

Punta Gorda:

Belize City:

Other Options:

We have a very complete list of other things to do in Belize on our main website. It includes free maps, lists of mayan ruins, jungle adventures, restaurants and cultural attractions. We also have complete and up to date airfares from most US and Canadian cities to Belize City and other transportation options in-country.