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Map of Best Belize Beach Snorkeling Sites

By Slickrock Adventures on August 15, 2013

Best belize beaches for snorkeling

Are you thinking of a Belize snorkeling vacation for this winter? I just created a map of the best Belize beach snorkeling to help you with your planning.

Out at Glover’s Reef where our island is located, we have an almost limitless number of Belize snorkel sites. The atoll is 54 linear miles of coral in a huge oval, encompassing an 84 square mile lagoon. Inside that lagoon there are between 700 and 900 ( I have heard both numbers) patch reefs for snorkeling.

We snorkel every day, sometimes twice a day, and have explored many (but not all, we are still exploring!) of the snorkeling sites near our island. I just finished creating this new map of the best Belize snorkeling sites which are easy to reach by snorkeling from shore, or by kayaking to the site, tying up to the guide’s boat, and snorkeling directly out of the kayaks.

Visit the linked page in the above paragraph for a larger image and full description of each snorkeling location. Then sign up for a Belize snorkeling tour with us! If you confirm by August 31, you will receive 10% off on most 2013-2014 dates, as part of our Early Bird promotion.