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Belize Carnival | Heading to Belize in September? Don’t miss Carnival

By Slickrock Adventures on August 23, 2013

Belize Carnival shows off the culture of the countryBelize Carnival is one of Latin America’s biggest celebrations of Caribbean heritage. And unlike Carnival in most of the world, Belize Carnival happens in September. Actually, it is a huge deal, especially for Belizians. And for visitors, it is perhaps the best time to see the national culture on display.

From parades to keg contests to free concerts and table tennis championships, here is a very complete schedule of festivities during the September Belize Carnival Celebrations.

What to do during Belize Carnival

The central organization coordinating all the fun is The National Institute of Culture and History. NICH has a great website devoted to it’s primary mission. Oddly though, this year they chose to have only a Facebook page for the celebrations. And there is no section or page on their site devoted to Belize Carnival. On their Facebook page, there is one post pointing to an online catalog on the online magazine portal Issuu.  That said, the catalog is extensive and lists every event planned in every town in the country.

the authoritative catalog of Belize Carnival events

If you are heading to Belize during the month of September, schedule in some time to take in some of these events. Highlights include Sir Barry’s Belekin Bash in Belize City’s Memorial Park Sept. 6 and 7 in the evening. Also, St. George’s Caye Day ceremony followed by a huge parade throughout Belize City on Sept. 10.

More ideas on what to do in Belize

For a broader list of things to do in Belize, check our Belize info pages.

And if you are traveling to Belize in the latter part of August, be aware that some towns start the party early. Events continue throughout the last couple of weeks before Labor Day.