Belize in top tier for eco-resorts

Belize eco resort destinations

Flipkey, the vacation rental directory by TripAdvisor, has Belize in it’s top tier of eco-resort destinations.

It seems that everyone, everywhere is “thinking green” these days, and that new mindset has created a new industry — eco travel. If you’d like to reduce your footprint a bit, get closer to nature and enjoy the many pleasures of eco retreats, then consider an eco vacation, where sustainability and ecological responsibility are an important part of each day’s itinerary, and where there are countless opportunities to experience incredible natural beauty and unique bio-diversity.

Slickrock’s Adventure Island on Long Caye has always been an eco-resort going back to the very beginning.

  • Solar and wind power have always been our principal source of electricity
  • Rainwater is our main source of potable water
  • We use composting toilets
  • In general, the accommodations are rustic — it’ll remind you of summer camp. In fact, that’s how we often describe the overall style of our resort (thanks to a guest once mentioning the phrase) — five star camping.