Honeymoon on a tiny private island in Belize

The Belize Tourism Board just published a list of places in Belize that promote honeymoon visits. Most of them are the bigger resorts on the mainland or larger cayes and if your ideal honeymoon involves that kind of accommodation this is a great resource for you.

However, if your dream honeymoon would emphasize a more intimate setting, Long Caye may be the better fit. No other place in Belize comes close to our island in privacy, exclusivity, and the pristine quality of our reefs. It’s one of the most magical spots on earth.

Our cabanas have plenty of privacy, and you can participate in the group activities as much or as little as you desire. A special bonus: honeymoon couples get first choice on cabanas!

We’ve had many couples join us for their honeymoon and have a special web page about honeymoons in Belize. (We also have a special page about renting the entire island for your wedding, if that is more what you have in mind.)

As a honeymoon destination, Long Caye is quite unique.

  • There is no other facility sharing the island with us except the dive shop. This is unheard of in the Caribbean; almost every island resort must share their island with many other hotels. 
  • Second, our island is an undeveloped as possible. If you come from a camping background, you would consider it cushy, but if your background and expectations are from a more traditional standpoint, you would call it ‘rustic’. We do not have flush toilets but use ecologically-friendly composting toilets (we flush nothing into the sea.) Also, there are no toilets attached to the rooms, you must walk to the toilets and showers, which are unheated.