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Our all inclusive Belize packages mean just that – all inclusive

By Slickrock Adventures on April 9, 2013

If you’re heading to Belize and you google the phrase “all inclusive” searching for the perfect, care-free vacation package, you’ll have a wide variety to choose from. And you’ll find that the phrase, “all inclusive” has just as wide a variety of interpretations depending on the provider.

We take pride in how strictly we interpret the meaning of that phrase. With Slickrock, “all inclusive” means once you arrive at the Biltmore Hotel in Belize City, you can just put your wallet away. You won’t need it. Before arriving in Belize you will have already purchased your airfare, and once on the ground you will pay for your taxi to the hotel. Perhaps there might also be a few last minute things you will want to purchase in Belize City before we take you out to our island. But after that, most of our guests find they never need to think about money again until their vacation is over. Our packages include:

All inclusive resorts make travel easy. There’s no stress when traveling with us, we take care of everything. Our all inclusive Belize packages are comprehensive, there are no hidden costs, so it’s easy to stay within your budget. The quality of your trip matters to us, too. We spare no effort or expense in providing our guests with first-class amenities and logistics, for one set price.