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Slickrock guest blogs about love, loss, and redemption in friends found in Belize

By Slickrock Adventures on April 18, 2013

Our recent guest, Hannah Stonehouse, writes a blog as part of her photography website, Stonehouse Photo. On the blog, her most recent post is titled: Photographer’s comfort, fear, and my Belize adventure. It is full of upbeat wisdom that was earned through painful loss. It is also full of great photos she took during her time on Adventure Island.

island bunnies

In the post Hannah tells how the loss of her husband at first inspired in her fear — fear for her friends and family. “All I could think about was that they might have to, at some point feel the gut wrenching, soul sucking, extreme emptiness that I was feeling (and still do occasionally),” she writes. But then…

Then I went to Belize.  And met an amazing amount of people who are going through the things I am.  My taxi driver, a waitress, other random strangers, my aunt and uncle, their friends.  They are all living life, going on adventures, and loving to the fullest.

We will all experience loss – extreme loss.  If we live in fear, though, fear and loss win.

Fear cannot win.

So I’m off on some further adventures – I hope you do the same :) .

A HUGE thanks to my aunt and uncle for taking me on this trip with them.  Please check out Slickrock if you can – and think about taking a trip (seriously).