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How to catch your first wave

By Slickrock Adventures on April 11, 2013

surf kayakingSurf kayaking is probably the easiest way to learn to surf a wave. And Long Caye is probably one of the easiest and most comfortable places to learn to catch your first wave. For one, seated in a kayak your center of gravity is lower. For another, you have a paddle in your hand. It makes it easier to gain speed in advance of the wave’s arrival and it can be used as an “outrigger” to steady yourself as you slide forward through the water.

Long Caye is the ideal place to learn to catch your first wave because the water is warm (80 degrees) and the waves are fairly gentle. Also, the break (one of the only accessible surf breaks in Belize) is close to our shoreline so you don’t have to paddle far to get to the waves, and there’s a surf dock close at hand if you ever need to take a breather from the exhilaration or crack a beer or soda available free in the fridge.