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Ever had a large sea mammal hop a ride on your sea kayak?

By Slickrock Adventures on April 5, 2013

We want to know — has anything like this ever happened to you? (Comment below)

sea lion on kayak

In two unrelated incidents that appear to have happened within a week of each other, and both on the California coast, sea lions hopped a ride on sea kayaks!

In the photo above, as reported in the New York Daily News, scuba diver Rick Coleman surfaced from a night dive to find this sea lion pup either hiding out or warming up on his kayak. That was reported on Mar. 12.

sea lion on another kayakThen, in this Mar. 22 report from the Santa Cruz Sentinel, Kim Powell, a naturalist and the owner of Santa Cruz-based Blue Water Ventures, was on her usual route guiding a group of sea kayakers through the harbor when an amorous sea otter on the make for a young sea lion, chased the sea lion toward their “raft” of sea kayaks, where it hopped up and sought refuse. The kayakers let it hang out until it was safely out of danger and then pushed it into the water with a paddle.