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Best of Belize Blog

By Slickrock Adventures on April 12, 2013

Our top 10 best Belize Blog posts — the ones that during this past season (Dec. – Mar.) have received the highest readership (some of these are posts from much earlier but they still continue to attract the highest number of readers).

And the winners are…

  1. Latest update: fly to Cancun, bus to Belize – step-by-step

  2. Surfing in Belize

  3. Dukunu recipe – Mayan tamales!

  4. The spotted eagle ray — an island favorite

  5. Belizean Food – Recipe for Belizean Stew Chicken

  6. How to make Hudut – a traditional Garifuna stew

  7. The best of Belize

  8. Top Ten Belize Snorkeling Spots – Snorkel From Shore!

  9. Slickrock History

  10. Choosing Snorkeling Gear