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The Wall

By Slickrock Adventures on March 12, 2013

snorkelswim“What came to mind when you saw the name of this blog post, “The Wall”?  A WALL of your room?  Pink Floyd?  The Great WALL of China?  The WALL endurance runners hit?  The Vietnam Veterans Memorial WALL?  The Berlin WALL?  Hitting a WALL in a relationship?  Do you WALL off your heart to protect it from the world?  Do you put up a WALL and block out new ideas?  Maybe an idea is off the WALL?”

So begins a blog post today by one of our guests, Dr. Erica Peabody , who writes the We Only Get One Chance blog, containing well-crafted speculations about life, along with thoroughly readable descriptions of her various adventures. Her post today, The Wall, describes in detail a highlight of her stay on Adventure Island the last week of February — a 2-hour  “swim snorkel” around the island, which included a trip through the breaking surf and swells out to “The Wall” — the amazing 3,000 foot underwater cliff that drops off from an edge about 40 feet deep, and about which we have blogged before.

“As we continued on our swim there was a drastic change in the ocean floor from sand, to corral for about 10 yards, to the deepest, darkest navy blue abyss.  With the beautiful colors, the textures of all the corrals, wildlife present and the deep blue nothing that goes on forever…it was hands down, the most magnificent thing I have ever seen in my life.”

Read her entire post here…