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Few and far between; finding a location to learn to kiteboard!

By Slickrock Adventures on March 21, 2013

kiteboard-lessonsby Guest Blogger David Rack

I thought I would share with you some past experiences of beginner kiteboard locations to show you how great it is to find a place like Long Caye that has sand flats and isn’t crowded for learning how to kiteboard. It is few and far between in my travels that I will run into a beginner-friendly kiteboarding location. I have been kiteboarding for over 9 years now, most of my winters are spent in search of kite beaches in warm, sunny, windy locations; I have spent winters in the Dominican Republic, Maui, Baja, South Padre Florida and Hatteras and North Carolina.

I was quite lucky to learn to kiteboard in a sandy flat bottom area at my home in Door County, WI. but we only get one month of warm water and the wind only blows 1-2 times a week. I wish I could have learned in Long Caye, I would have had more opportunity for wind and warmer water! This sandy flat bottom that was knee to chest deep added to my comfort level and allowed me to focus on handling the kite, walking back to my board and standing up gave me a rest opportunity that was so often needed. The amount of time that is saved by not having to walk up the beach to restart your lesson is invaluable.

With the new safety features of kites, refined learning methods, and a sandy flat bottom, the potential learning curve is now quick and painless.

Saying that, don’t make the mistake so many beginner kiteboarders do and go to the super popular spots to learn. Find a unique location that is quiet and relaxed with a sandy flat bottom! Maui, Dominican Republic, and Baja are some of the windiest and most recognized kiteboarding areas in the world. Most of these famous wind capitals of the world don’t offer this opportunity for a quick and painless learning curve. Not only do they not have the comfortable sandy flat bottom, but most of these locations have become popular and are now quite crowded and hectic. Those famous kitesurf destinations are a nightmare to learn at! They are packed with intermediate and advanced riders that usually don’t have much regard for beginners, cruising and jumping in front of as well as coming close to you to show off while your trying to learn. I have seen it all to many times. The sheer number of beginners learning at these locations add to the chaos and would make me anxious and make learning much more difficult.

The opportunity to learn at a location that has a sandy flat bottom and space to learn is a true find. Slickrock Adventures at Long Cay is the spot!

Bio: My name is David Rack,(google +) Guest Blogger and Entrepreneur of Adventure from Door County, Wisconsin. My summer run businesses focus on Cave Tours, Kayak Tours, Kitesurfing, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and Zip Lines with my two businesses and During my off season, I travel and explore exotic locations around the world to pursue my outdoor passions as well as blog and share with my past adventure guests my favorite spots to venture to!