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How to protect yourself from the common disappointments of travel

By Slickrock Adventures on December 28, 2012

Belize airport arrival

Our Belize travel season is in full swing; we are on our 5th week of a 24-week season. Christmas is the craziest time of year for international travel and this season is definitely no exception. Already, with only 15% of our guests either in Belize or just returned home, we have experienced the following: a single traveler who arrived on the island 2 days late due to a cancelled flight, stranding her in San Salvador on the way to Belize (at a cost of about $900 extra to catch up with the trip!), one cancelled boat to the island due to extreme weather in Belize that left one group on the island a day extra and one group in Belize City an additional day, luggage that was so late that it didn’t even arrive in time for our day-late boat, a family of four stuck in San Salvador (but they arrived on time since they were coming a day early), and another family scheduled to arrive in Belize 2 days early that barely made it on time to our meeting, 2 days later. Whew!

Through all of this we are on the phone, giving advice, researching options, and providing a sounding board. But the best advice we can give everyone is BUY TRIP INSURANCE. I think the old adage is “[*Stuff] happens.”

We have blogged about this before, please visit this blog post and study up on why you too should protect yourself when you invest your hard-earned cash on a much-needed vacation! Why should you buy trip insurance?