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When you’ve been in business 37 years…

By Slickrock Adventures on October 1, 2012

…you sure have a chance to improve things. I’ve been going through old photos and just found this picture of our dining hall, circa 1992 or so. Hurricane Mitch took it and the land it was standing on in 1998. The surf board that was in the rafters surfaced on our shore about two years later, uncovered by the wave action.

Slickrock kitchen-1992

I was unable to find a picture of our current dining hall from the same angle (looking out from the cook’s area) but this one I took last March gives you a good idea of how much it has improved. We inherited the old dining hall from the previous owners, we never did like the way they built it, and at least the hurricane gave us a chance to start over completely.

We sure have a lot of fun in here!