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Learn to sea kayak with Slickrock Adventures

By Slickrock Adventures on September 26, 2012

Sea kayaking is central to a week on Adventure Island. In addition to it being fun in it’s own right, it also serves as the chief mode of transportation to nearby snorkeling hot spots. That’s why everyone who arrives on the island attends sea kayaking orientation after breakfast on the first morning following their arrival the previous afternoon.

A Slickrock sea kayak guide explains the basics of the “T-rescue” technique on land before the group heads out into the lagoon.

For beginners, our orientation class covers all the basics: how to do a safety check of the equipment, how to hold your paddle, entering and exiting the boat, the use of the spray skirt, etc.

Even expert sea kayakers attend the orientation. At Glover’s Reef we snorkel right out of our kayaks. That means learning how to safely exit and re-enter a sea kayak while in deep water.

Because our guests are generally from the US or Canada, where water temperatures are colder, few sea kayakers ever think about purposefully getting out of their sea kayak. At Glover’s Reef, the water is 80 degrees so we slip out and back into our kayaks all day long.

A second reason even expert kayakers are asked to take orientation is that we teach our guests something called the “T – rescue”, and then practice it right after the demo (at right). This technique is a safe and easy way for one kayaker to assist their partner in righting an overturned kayak in deep water and steadying their boat so they can climb back in.

Once both these skills have been learned, our guests are free to explore the reef far and wide, even without a guide, as long as they have a buddy.