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Hey, who’s trying to catch a ride on my boat?

By Slickrock Adventures on September 10, 2012

Last year on a day trip out to The Aquarium (one of our favorite snorkel locations that you can easily access from our resort by sea kayak) we encountered a very odd underwater fellow, in the body of a remora.

Growing up to 3 ft long, remoras are known as suckerfishes because though they swim well on their own, they prefer to attach to  sharks or other large fish and hitch a ride. Then they feed off the crumbs left over when the shark attacks.

But that morning, this particular guy had designs on the bottom of my kayak and wouldn’t leave it alone. We first saw him when we slid out of our kayaks upon reaching the patch reef and noticed the odd behavior. But an hour later, when we returned from snorkeling, he was still there!