Get special Slickrock discounts on gear before your trip to Adventure Island

Before departing for your week to Adventure Island get 10 – 15% discounts on swim shirts, hydroskins, wetsocks, headlamps and other gear by using our special coupons with Coolibar and Colorado Kayak Supply.

Coolibar’s swimwear line is ideal fast-drying clothing and is UPF 50+. Visit the Slickrock page on their site ( and use coupon code “slick12” when checking out; you’ll get 15% off your order.

Colorado Kayak Supply sells the best selection of water sport gear we’ve found. Visit the Slickrock page ( and use the coupon code “Slicktrip12” when checking out; you’ll get 10% off your order.

We also highly recommend Campmor because of their great deals on polypropylene long underwear and fleece; and Pelican for their dive lights, which are the best that you can get.