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Fishing in a sea of climate change

By Slickrock Adventures on August 13, 2012

Norwegians have a rich history of fishing. So do people from Belize, a small country in the Caribbean.

Research funded by Norway’s government and research council is examining how fishers in Belize cope with social and environmental change. It is part of the Many Strong Voices programme which helps marginalised people help themselves to deal with climate change.

Fishing communities in Belize face many climate change challenges. They depend on the sea and coral reefs for food and income. They face changing storms, higher water temperatures, and rising sea levels.

As with Norwegian fishers, climate change is not the only challenge. Fuel and food prices are increasing. Tourism opens up lucrative opportunities, yet increases dependency on outside whim
These multiple difficulties hit home when spending time on a fishing boat, to see the fishers’ day-to-day lives on the sea and to talk to them about what they face.s. Belize is heavily indebted. Consumerist lifestyles dictate increased demands on natural resources.

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