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Catch, kill, eat, repeat!

By Slickrock Adventures on August 2, 2012

Over the past couple of years, out at Slickrock’s Adventure Island on Glover’s Reef, we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the lionfish population. And we’ve blogged about the problem at least five times over the past couple of years. That’s because the lionfish, an invasive species, is decimating coral reef fish populations all across the Caribbean.

Leading the charge in the movement to deal with the problem is a twitter feed and website called killthelionfish whose slogan, “Catch, kill, eat, repeat” says it all. They, along with a number of formal organizations and websites, are promoting the eating of lionfish as a delicacy in hopes of spurring commercial fishing of lion fish.

Well, if you think that’s getting creative, today I came across this post on Facebook about how Tranquilseas Eco Lodge Hotel & Dive Centre in Roatan, Honduras (about 110 miles south of Glover’s Reef) is trying to teach grouper fish to eat the lionfish but from the pics, it looks like the grouper is having none of it.

And, as it turns out, we can even go them one better. Here, in this video, one of our guides has a lionfish on his spear and succeeds in getting an eel to eat it.