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Another Adventure Island invention: “The Diaper Float”

By Slickrock Adventures on August 14, 2012

It’s easy to find yourself making new friends during your stay on a small island…

Even with all the many water sports to learn and explore, even with the delightful experience in getting to know the other guests and staff,  exploring new foods, learning about the abundance of new and exotic sea life, the fabulous view that never ceases to change, and, of course, the eminently distracting Coco the bunny… it seems the human heart on vacation is never so full that it can’t come up with some new creative impulse, at least that seems to be the case on Adventure Island.

Witness the several inventions and games folks have come up with over the years that are truly unique to our tiny island: hermit crab races started in a drum, the carabiner game, the iMat (yes, that’s a completely new use of this special foam mat. When Cully and Lucy discovered it at a tradeshow it had never been used for entertainment and sport . But they knew immediately they had to have one and exactly how they were going to use it.)

Oh, yeah, and there’s that secret invention, something I’m sure our past guests can think of immediately but which shhhh…. we’re under strict orders to keep secret so as not to ruin the surprise for our future guests – no spoiler alerts here!)

Well, it turns out the inventions just keep coming. The latest being The “Diaper” Float.

Despite the name, it actually has nothing to do with soft white cotton or anything remotely like a diaper. It’s simply the act of putting on your Personal Floatation Device (think life jacket) upside down and floating higher in the water as a result. You step through the arm holes with your legs and it’s like sitting in a floating chair.

It’s rather comical, and it has become common on an evening on the island to see a large group of guests donning their “diapers” and floating in the lagoon with a crate of Belekin Beer on top of a surf board, their personal bottle resting comfortably well above the surface.

And thinking that this was just too cool an idea not to have been discovered by someone else, I googled it, and googled it. Apparently, from that evidence, The “Diaper” Float is truly another original Adventure Island invention.

Watch the video: