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Chon Saan Palace, Belize City, Belize

By Slickrock Adventures on July 16, 2012

We have owned and operated a Belize adventure company since 1986. Our Belize private island, Long Caye at Glover’s Reef, is very remote. Because of this, we can’t sell rooms by the night, the boat only goes 2 days a week. So our packages are all inclusive, and we also include hotels and meals in Belize City on each end of the island trip.

Christmas at the Chon Saan Palace in Belize City

For the last fifteen years at least we have taken our guests to the Chon Saan Palace after coming off of the island. IMO this is the best restaurant in the city, and I have tried almost all of them, since we live there part of the year. To call it Chinese food doesn’t do it justice, since there are so many mediocre Chinese restaurants in the world. This is the best Chinese food you have ever had. It’s fresh, the recipes are fantastic, there are many, many choices for the vegetarian and carnivore alike. I have taken groups of thirty people there so many times. Everyone loves it. And the service is excellent. It’s a locals restaurant. If you are in Belize City, take a cab to Chon San Palace. You won’t be disappointed. Or call them up, they also deliver!