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We have our very own bonefish school

By Slickrock Adventures on June 14, 2012

Long Caye bonefish school

OK, it’s not nice to brag, but surely you’ll forgive me for talking about our private bonefish school.

The way I understand it, bonefish do not normally school. But we have a huge bonefish school, they live right off our shore, and they have been there for years. Just 20 feet from our shore! We snorkel with them, we fish them (catch and release), we practically have names for each one. Yes, we are proud.

When you join us for a Belize vacation, you have a lot of sports to choose from. But every week there’s at least one person who came just to fish. There is no need to hire a guide, fishermen just wade in! It’s particularly gratifying because sometimes we see professional fishing guides charging $350/day who bring their guests over 35 miles by boat just to fish a few feet from our shore. In the photo above you can see our bonefish school, 1-2000 bonefish just waiting for you!

You can wade in, fish from our dock, or use our fishing kayaks. Whatever suits your style.