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Best Belize Resorts: Long Caye is #1 resort on Glover’s Reef, again

By Slickrock Adventures on June 6, 2012

Thanks to whoever wrote this great review on Trip Advisor, which returned us to the #1 ranked Belize resort on Glover’s Reef:

I took the Belize Adventure Week trip in April and had an absolutely great time. Half of the trip is inland at the mountain region (Cayo District) Hikers in Belizeand the other half is at Slickrock’s private Island. I traveled solo but never felt alone. Our group was small, just 4 guests, but with us was one of the Island guides as well as the designated guide for the trip, Neri.

Neri was a such a great guide, making sure everyone was having a good time, safe, and well informed about the area and about the various activities.

On the inland portion, we stayed at the Windy Hill Resort which was really nice. The food was very good and when there, you pretty much got to choose from anything on the menu. Alcohol is not included at the Resort but Slickrock keeps a cooler full of beer and other refreshments so you are never really in need. It was great to actually have real bottled coke during the trip, as they still do glass bottle recycling in Belize. The trip to Takal was great but I wish we had the opportunity to spend more time there as it is a massive complex.

The island portion of the trip was just as good as the inland portion. No hot running water but I didn’t miss it as the water that is stored for the showers never felt cold, as it is housed in the sun to warm up. On the Island, those of us who were travelling single got assigned our own cabanas, which as you can see from the brochures are directly on the water’s edge. Every cabana has a great view. The food was great and plentiful on the Island and they have a huge cooler full of beer and other drinks that you take whenever you’re thirsty.

MJ is one of the guides that we met on the Island and in 30 minutes he taught me more about Windsurfing that I ever learned before at any of the other resorts I stayed at. Belize resortsI was actually up on the board and surfing in about an hour’s time. It felt great to actually stay up on the board and make turns after failing so badly during my previous attempts at other resorts.

Since safety is a concern they don’t let anyone go out into the ocean without a safety buddy; however, each day there are multiple scheduled group activities, led by a guide. So if you are travelling alone you just pick an activity that interests you. Or you can just chill and do some hammock surfing or watch the kayak surfing wipeouts from the deck with an ice cold beer. Kayak surfing was a blast, even when I was wiping-out.

I am already trying to plan my return to the Island, as I’d like to stay for the full week; I just wish the air fare to Belize was not so expensive.