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Island low tide walk

By Slickrock Adventures on June 18, 2012

Every week we go tide pooling at low tide from our Belize island. It’s amazing the number of creatures we see in about 45 minutes. Everyone always comments that it was WAY better than they thought it was going to be. We see numerous echinoderms (sea stars, sea cucumbers, and sea urchins) plus mollusks, eels, scorpionfish, and sometime octopus!

We invented a low tide bucket, a simple 5 gallon bucket with the bottom removed and clear plexiglass glued in its place. This allows you to see all the creatures easily, without having to wear a snorkel mask and stick your head in the water.

Kelly Beauchamp sent me a load of pictures, with some really good tide pool shots. Here is a selection of her shots that show the wide variety of creatures we see right off our island shore.

(Click on each photo to see the full image.)