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Island de-rig

By Slickrock Adventures on May 21, 2012

Hurricane IvanWe are closed from mid-May through mid-November; the first part of the summer is the rainy season, which then becomes hurricane season in the fall.

Each year when we shut down for the season, our crew undertakes the long process of putting away the equipment for the summer and fall to close down our island facilities. This takes Apolitico Salam, our head groundskeeper and maintenance man, about two weeks.

First he has to take apart all the sports equipment and put it in racks or inside the staff cabins. Then he has to decommission the cabins by storing the mattresses and linens, chairs, etc, and nail shut the doors and windows in case of a storm. The kitchen is then stripped of everything except a few items to support Politico, who remains on the island all summer as the caretaker. Last he tackles the solar power systems, removing the solar panels and wind generators for storage, and moving all the batteries to a safe location.

The island is at risk of tropical storms and hurricanes during the late summer and early fall, so everything is stored in protective locations in case such a threat materializes. This series of photos is from Hurricane Ivan in 2004. Ivan hit Jamaica and the Cayman Islands; it didn’t come anywhere near us, but you can see we still had some affects from that storm. This is our old #4 cabana which has now been completely re-built to hold a family of 3 instead of just 2. This cabin was dragged to a different location and is now staff housing.