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Belize Island Menu

By Slickrock Adventures on May 16, 2012
Belize enchiladas

Long Caye lunch

I’ve been back from the island about 2 weeks now. It hasn’t been an easy re-entry. There are so many things I miss about the island, and not the least of which is having all of my meals cooked for me three times a day by Aurora, Lavern, and Marcy.

I have a lot of favorite meals (since I am responsible for the menu, I do like all of them), but maybe my favorite lunch is Zucchini and Cho-Cho Enchiladas, Lime Rice, Simple Salad, and Fresh Lime Juice.

I made the enchiladas the other day for a pot luck here in Moab. Sadly, even though I used the exact recipe we use on the island, it just wasn’t quite as good (but my friends didn’t know that, they loved these enchiladas.)

You can find the recipe for the enchiladas and the lime rice on earlier blog posts.