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Island improvements

By Slickrock Adventures on March 7, 2012

Every October my partner Cully drives to Belize with a pile of kayak and surf gear and arrives on the island a month before guests arrive for the annual building extravaganza. We always have more that we want to do than we have time and money for, but each year, step-by-step, the place gets better. It’s fun coming up with what is next on the list. This year it was our wash station.

Our eco-resort doesn’t have private restrooms, we don’t want to flush anything into the sea since that’s where we are swimming! So at a centrally-located spot is the composting toilet and the wash station. This is where you can shave, brush your teeth, and do your laundry. It has solar power for lighting after dark, and running rain water!

We built it years ago and upgraded it along the way, but this season’s project was a complete re-build. Check out the difference! And it has rainwater collection also.