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Islands on the atoll: Nothing stays the same

By Slickrock Adventures on February 28, 2012

Check out these two photos of the point of our island in Belize. We just came across an old shot taken from our third year on Long Caye, in 1999. This was the first year after Hurricane Mitch swept over the island with 30’ waves (but no wind), knocking down four of our buildings and carving 40’ off the front side of the island. The storm then deposited the rubble and sand into a new peninsula, where we built a palapa and set up our windsurf trainer. We had not yet planted any palm trees on this new area, so it is bare of vegetation as you can see.

Long Caye at Glover's Reef

Long Caye 1999

Thirteen years later, the peninsula is thriving with new trees we planted, and our kayak palapa is still there (although it has gone through four new thatch roofs since it was constructed). The trees grow fast with a year-round growing season, and now the whole area is nicely shaded. These trees will continue to grow until they are 40’ tall, and hopefully they will help anchor the sand so that further storm waves will not wash it all away!

Long Caye at Glover's Reef

Long Caye 2012