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Island rum

By Slickrock Adventures on January 18, 2012

Our Adventure Island package is all-inclusive, meaning that from the time you step out of your taxi at the Biltmore Hotel until we return you to the hotel a week later, everything is provided — with one exception: liquor. We have a refrigerator in which we provide as much beer as a guest might want, but due to the limited amount of electricity available from our solar arrays and wind turbine, we don’t provide ice and therefore, we don’t have a bar.

But the night before departing for the island, before dinner and after the orientation with your guide, guests stop off at a store in Belize City, where individuals can make last minute purchases of items they may have forgot to bring and their own personal stash of liquor, if they choose. And one of the perennial favorites is a local Belizian drink called 1 Barrel Rum.

Here’s what Men’s Journal had to say about it: “The uncommon rum worth seeking out is Travellers 1 Barrel. Made at a small distillery in Belize, it boasts a memorable flavor that’s slightly sweet, slightly nutty, with something unexpected hidden in the lower layers. Tobacco? Coffee? Maybe it’s the suggestion of those flavors, but 1 Barrel is ideal served up with dessert.”

And for guests who visited the island and developed a taste for it, the good news is that 1 Barrel is available in the good ‘ol USA.