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Athleta Sportswear island photo shoot

By Slickrock Adventures on January 14, 2012

Athleta photo shoot

This month Slickrock hosted a team from Athleta Sportswear on a photo shoot for their next summer’s catalog. A team of 12 people came out to our Belize island for four days to shoot various pictures of their sportswear line, which specializes in products for athletic women. In addition to their three models, there was a photographer who employed a camera with a wireless transmitter to send the pictures to a laptop computer on location, a Photoshop technician on the laptop, a makeup manager, clothing line manager, photographer’s assistants, and the production manager. Our guide Victor was the principle location assistant who helped set up the locations for shooting.

The team was up at 4:40 am everyday in order to be ready for sunrise shots, and they worked until sunset. Several thousand shots were taken, using our equipment for exhibiting the various clothing lines, and many shots were composed of the models running, paddling, fishing, doing yoga, playing volleyball, and in general doing as many athletic events as possible.

Victor earned his pay this week for sure! Watch Athleta’s website for photos of our island in the coming months.

Photo shoot on our island