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A personal recommendation for Slickrock’s Belize kitesurfing program

By Slickrock Adventures on January 2, 2012

I’m writing to tell anyone who is thinking of kite surfing to go for it! Our family, mom, dad (50 something’s), 18 yr. old daughter and 13 yr. old son came to experience all of the Slickrock adventure, but especially to learn kite surfing. I’d taken a lesson in Seattle but the breeze never filled enough to get on the water. Having sailed in Belize before, I couldn’t image a better place to learn how kite surf, warm water and sun! My expectations were far surpassed by the experience we had with Meg.

Belize kitesurfing

Beginning with the trainer session the entire family was ready to hit the water. The learning area has to be one the most ideal locations in the world to begin the first stage of the lessons, handling the kite and body dragging. The stretch of water between Long Caye and the next Island is waist deep with the reef on the windward side and steady breeze. Our son and I partnered for the remainder of the lessons as did my wife and daughter.

Learning to kitesurf in BelizeThe lessons progressed quickly, the 1st afternoon everyone learning to fly the trainer kite. The sand spit was a great location to practice to get the hang of how the big kite will feel.

It turned out that our daughter, who had the hardest time with the trainer, was the best at combining everything we learned and had the longest rides of anyone.

For our second we left on the pontoon with Meg for the trip to the end of the island, which is the beginning of the biggest runway to learn the sport you could dream of. I dragged the distance (be sure to keep your mouth closed) and then learned essential self-rescue techniques. My son did the same with one of us holding him to prevent him from flying away.

Our third trip to the training area was all about adding the board and getting to learn the feel of the power stroke and riding. What an incredible experience. Once you are out of the water and flying the kite you never want it to end! My biggest challenge was riding switch, for my daughter it was no problem. I spent a 4th day working on my technique and left feeling ready to hit the water in Puget Sound.

Our thanks to Meg and the entire staff for an amazing experience, all we need to do now if figure out when we can return!

Harry Brown, Adventure Island at Glover’s Reef, April 2011