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Great deal on a dive skin

By Slickrock Adventures on December 28, 2011

snorkel belizeOne of our guests who is going on an upcoming trip just sent me a link to They have the best deal I have ever seen on a full body dive skin: $26.95!!!!

It looks like a great skin. I computed the shipping and UPS ground to Moab would be $7.45. Really really a good deal. She also sent a report on it: “Just wanted to update you that the diveskins arrived today- (so fast!) and they are great- comfortable and fit perfectly!”

We recommend a full body skin for snorkeling or diving in Belize for 3 reasons: (1) sunburn (you don’t realize you are getting fried when snorkeling, Belize is at 17 degrees north of the equator, twice as close as the middle of the US) (2) warmth, even though the water is about 80 degrees, it’s not 98.6, and you do get cold eventually. We regularly snorkel for a hour or more. If you don’t have some kind of clothing on you won’t be able to snorkel that long (3) there are sometimes stinging creatures in the water and a tight skin protects you from that.

Our most common stinging creature is Pica-Pica, the larvae of the sea thimble jellyfish. They arrive unannounced in a swarm. There is no common schedule and no avoiding them once they show up. If you don’t have a skin on and don’t treat with vinegar if you do get stung, they created a very itchy rash that lasts for days.

So a shorty wetsuit is better than nothing, but full body coverage is even better. This is a GREAT deal!