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Belize island sport equipment list – updated!

By Slickrock Adventures on November 22, 2011

Belize island sportsWhen we say we have a “multi-sport” adventure package in Belize, we aren’t kidding. Nobody in Belize, and as far as I know, nobody in the entire Caribbean has a kayak/surf/board fleet anything close to ours. We can’t help it, if we see some cool new gear, we just have to try it out on the island, so we then buy one, or two, or ten of them. It’s a great excuse to get all the cool stuff.


We have kayaks for all body types and ability levels

We took a lot of new gear down this fall, and I just updated the list. Here is the newly updated list of everything we have down in Belize. Thinking of buying a new paddleboard? Better come down to Belize and try out several before you decide which one to get! (We ALL need excuses sometimes, don’t we?)



Peekaboo kayak

Peekaboo kayak

Island sport equipment:

Sea Kayaks: Singles: Sea Lion, Eclipse and Shadow 14.0 (for small women) by Perception; Looksha-14, Looksha-17, Looksha IV, Elaho and Eskia (for tall men) by Necky; Sealution II XL by Wilderness Systems, Whistler and squall GTS by Current Design, Doubles: Seascape II by NW Kayak, Amaruk by Necky
Sit-On-Top Sea Kayaks: Peekaboo by Ocean Kayak (kayak with window in hull), Tarpon 160 by Wilderness Systems, Versa by Liquid Logic
Fishing Kayaks: Tarpon 160i and Ride 135 by Wilderness Systems

Fishing kayaks

We have the only fleet of fishing kayaks in Belize

Surf/Playboats: Kaos by Wilderness Systems; 5-O by Perception
Surf Skis: Malibu Kayak 4.4
Surf Boards: 6’10” Epoxy Fish by Yancy Spencer; 6’10” & 7’10” Funboards by Blue Surfboards; 7’6” MBB Thruster by Channel Islands; 9’0” & 9’2” Performance Epoxy Longboards by Colbalt; 9’0” beginner hard-bottom foam board



A few of our paddleboards

Paddleboards: Laird Soft Tops by Surftech, 12 and 11’6”; custom 10’6, 10, 9’2 boards by Corridor, 9’6” PSH AA Wide, 9’6” Waa by Paddle Surf Hawaii, Versa by Liquid Logic, Rapidfire by Imagine
Cruiser Paddleboards: 12’6” Pau Hana Crossfit, 12’ Bombora by Jimmy Lewis
SUP Paddles: Surftech, Aquabound, Werner and Kialoa

Belize windsurfing sails

Windsurf sail rack

Windsurfing Boards: Beginner: Start by Starboard; Intermediate: Go by Starboard, 2009 133 L Starboard, Classic 103 L by Mistral, Flow 105 L by Mistral; Advanced: 2010 120 L X-Cite Ride by JP, 2010 140 L Fun Ride by JP, 2010 85 L Freestyle Wave by JP, 2010 102 L Freestyle Wave by JP, 2008 105 L by Exocet, 2008 84 L by Exocet


Windsurfing Sails: Full range from 3.0 to 7.0; Ezzy, Naish, Sailworks, Northsails, Loftsails; Advanced sails: 2010 Firefly 4.1, 4.5, 4.9, 6.9 by Neil Pryde, 2010 Zone 5.0 by Neil Pryde, 2010 Alpha 5.8 by Neil Pryde, 2010 Hellcat 6.2, 7.2 by Neil Pryde
Windsurf Dry Land Trainer

Belize kitesurf gear

Kitesurf equipment

Kitesurf Kites: Slingshot 2 meter trainer; Trainers by Ocean Rodeo 2010, 2010 4, 7, 9, 12, 14 meter kites by Cabrinha
Kiteboards: 2010 directional, twin tip
Harnesses: Da Kine chest and seat harnesses; expert sailors should bring their own
Lifejackets: Extrasport
Paddles: Werner
Kayak Helmets: Protech, NRS

Inland sport equipment:

Belize river kayaks

Belize river gear

Rafts: Super Puma by Aire
Inflatable Kayaks: Lynx by Aire, Extreme Padillac by Hyside
Whitewater Sit-on-Top Kayaks: Big Yak by Ocean Kayak, Torrent by Perception
Hardshell Whitewater Kayaks: Diesel, Ace, Foreplay by Wave Sports, Huck by LiquidLogic