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An action-packed first week on the island…

By Slickrock Adventures on November 29, 2011

Meg Griffiths was out on the island our first week of the season teaching wind-sports. She sent us a report via Belize City!

Waves, windy days, calm days and glorious sunshine; we couldn’t have asked for a better first week on the island, and the Thanksgiving celebrations were pretty fun too…

Surf kayaking in Belize

Everyone got involved in the surf kayaking as the waves built over the first half of the week. 6ft faces on the inside for the guides to show off their awesome paddleboard skills and little waves on the outside for the beginner surf kayakers. The water is super warm, not a wetsuit in sight, boardies all round.

The wind gave us a three perfect kiting days. Our trainer kite sessions with our 2m kite were great fun, everyone got involved. Two of the guys loved it so much they went straight on to a ‘big’ kite lesson; this is the first stage of learning to kiteboard. We head out on our teaching raft to the pristine and incredibly perfect ‘sand flats’ and the students learn to fly a full size kitesurf kite, they get pulled around, learn to get lift and of course how to stop! Davis Farrar of Carbondale, CO said: “It was exhilarating to get the kite in the air and feel the power of the wind as I learned to use the kite to pull me through the water, it was great fun; I highly recommend it.”

Kitesurfing Belize

The windsurfers also got out for some ‘ripping’ sessions on 5 and 6m sails. We have a wide variety of equipment from beginner to expert. Our calm lagoon provides a perfect haven for the newbies while the regular windsurfers were out in deeper water screaming along reaches well over a mile long. I got a couple of great sessions in the strong winds then when the wind dropped to 9m kite weather I hopped on my kite board and demo-ed a few aerial tricks, landed some on my feet others ended in a big splash…so much fun.

Just when we were thinking a nice easy snorkel over the wall would be popular the wind cooperated completely and gave us a completely calm windless day and perfect visibility to check out the ‘wall’ 30ft below, grouper, lobster, lion fish, small sharks and even a turtle.
Turkey and the works was served up for Thanksgiving dinner after cocktails on the surf dock.
Long Caye life…its so great.

(All photos by Bryony Swan.)