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Our favorite book, The Ship and the Storm

By Slickrock Adventures on October 28, 2011

The FantomeIn late October of 1998 Hurricane Mitch sat out in the middle of the Bay of Honduras and churned for almost a week. Cully and I were in Moab, watching it on the internet in horror.

This storm acted in ways storms don’t usually act, and at the time it was the 5th largest storm on record. Because we were far from the storm (about 100-125 miles), but there were no obstacles between us and it, huge waves built up and slammed into our island over a period of several days. For a period of 9 days we didn’t know if we had an island in Belize anymore or not.

As the days progressed we started to hear of a lost ship. We were so consumed with our own worries (and subsequent relief that we did, indeed, survive this storm) that we didn’t think much about that ship at the time. Years later I learned of the book, The Ship and the Storm by Jim Carrier. What a page turner! I can’t recommend this book enough, especially to those who are contemplating a visit to our island, Long Caye at Glover’s Reef.

This book explores the story of the Fantome and Hurricane Mitch from every angle. From the deck of the ship, to the research planes flying into the eye of the hurricane, to islanders and coastal villagers in  nearby Honduras, The Ship and the Storm is the horrifying story of the most destructive hurricane in Western Hemisphere history.

We have several copies on the island if you want to read it there! Read more about this deadly storm in an earlier blog post: